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Life is not only what happens to us but also how we respond to what happens. Simply Alkaline is not only our product but our response... Our Why. During and even after a Covid-19 Pandemic, Health and Wellness have taken on new meanings. And for those who subscribe to a new outlook on wellness, at the very least, a higher quality of water should be part of that shift. We are the response to that shift, specifically for those who are aware of life's difficulties yet still choose to aspire towards Excellence.


You have a passion for family, work, and upward mobility but also enjoy cost-effective escapes. You have a selfless approach towards a “my family first” attitude and a belief that money contributes to authority and affords peace-of-mind. You are hard-working, goal oriented and professional.

You're a high energy, and live in/love the moment type of person. You want to experience EVERYTHING from skydiving to wine tasting to dating outside of your norm! And although you just might wear luxury while doing these, you have no problem doing so with anyone, from any walk of life because you're super social and you love the moment!

You are who your friends come to for advice on anything from relationships to technology to how to get a new passport and more. You read, travel, desire to learn and are open to new ideas. You're confident, and a problem solver. Those characteristics speak more about your style than what you wear or drive although you're no slouch in those departments either.


You're very active with giving and volunteer work. You are sensitive to the rights and wrongs of the planet and everyone getting along and having what they need is most important to you. You use spirituality and faith for inspiration. Whether it's food, conversation, or just good energy, your home or presence is a source of comfort for people in your network.


Sure, purchasing water is an indicator that at least one of these applies to you. But we also want you to join our tribe and join us on this journey.

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